A smart buoy that monitors your lake.

Hydroguard is an autonomous measuring station that automatically records environmental parameters to cost-effectively predict algae blooms in inland waters and on bathing beaches. It can help users to take countermeasures in good time without having to carry out time-consuming analytical monitoring.


1. Placement

Hydroguard is placed on the lake once during the season.

2. Autonomous acquisition

The water values of the lake are recorded.

3. Radio transmission

The values are sent to our database.

4. Machine learning

Data models are used to process the values.

5. Dashboard

The data is evaluated and displayed on a dashboard.


With Hydroguard you always have your waters in view

Time Span

Hydroguard eliminates the need for manual measurement.


The use of machine learning saves costs.


The dashboard is accessible on any device with internet access.

Constant monitoring

Notifications are sent when certain limits are exceeded.

Questions & Answers

Hydroguard records water values at the bottom of the lake and at the water surface. These values are viewed in combination and evaluated using machine learning.

We at Hydroguard will handle the measurement process.
At the beginning of the season, Hydroguard is placed in the lake where the buoy now records the water values. The data comes to us via wireless technology. The customer gets the results visually displayed on a dashboard. This service can be subscribed to.